Sunday, 19 October 2008

Eat Happy at Mast Kalandar

This was some three years back when I along with a few colleagues were discussing the idea of opening a restaurant. A few days later, I saw this article about 3 techies who actually did it; they quit their jobs to start Mast Kalandar. I was inspired. Dont start looking for our restaurant.. it's still on paper.

I have been a big fan of Mast Kalandar (on Bannerghatta Road) ever since for its healthy tasty food. Though it is a little heavy on the purse for everyday eating, it is really worth visiting once in a while. They have a branch in Koramangala as well. The menu is interesting, the food looks good, is the right quantity and tastes like home-made stuff. The best part for me is the amount of oil used - it is just enough to make the food tasty, nothing more. And my parents like it too.

The only bad part in the Bannerghatta joint is the deteriorating road. These days, it is all the more worse due to a never progressing construction activity on the road opposite the restaurant. Well, Mast Kalandar offers you a free Gulab Jamun/Rosugulla for braving the road to eat at their place. Isn't that a 'sweet' gesture :) And going by the progress of the construction or the lack of it, the offer would go on for a looonng time. Happy eating!!

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