Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Not so guilty about driving in the city anymore

We recently bought a Reva, with the intention that dad and mom can drive around in a safe and convenient way, within the city. It may not be as safe as a standard car, but definitely better than a two-wheeler which has a constant fear of being knocked down by a bus or lorry. The Reva has given us more freedom and choice and more importantly a guilt-free ride for short distances within the city. There are no direct emissions, no sound, and a smooth and easy ride.. A friend of mine, Thej has a more comprehensive review on the Reva.
There have been many stares, curious on-lookers peeping in to see a gearless car, excited kids talking about the Reva and free advice from many people. One of the advice was from the guy doing the sun film - "mam, 3 and half lacs ge 'car'e togoboditalwa", meaning "for 3 and half lacs, you could have gone for a car itself" I told him this is indeed a car. The guys at the workshop somehow couldn't stop smiling and giggling at my choice.
All said and done, I am happy to be driving a state-of-the-art electric vehicle which is environment friendly to a large extent.


Anonymous said...

I agree that if one *has to* buy a car, an electronic one hurts the climate the least. But, even that does pollute indirectly, via the largely coal-based electricity that it takes as input.

Of course, this is not being said to make you fee guilty :). I know that you are a cyclist who understands the contribution of cars to climate change and wouldn't have bought the car if there was another alternative for your parents to travel locally. Anyhow, have a safe ride!

- Pulkit

Lavanya K said...

Yes Pulkit, unless we switch to green power on a large scale, these and other hybrid cars are not fully green. Infact, even the batteries are not eco-friendly. I am waiting for the day when we can park the car in the sun, and it gets charged and continues to get charged as we move..