Monday, 11 April 2011

Don't save the girl child

First, Women's day, and then the population census results. And all the analysis and the alarm bells and more campaigns to save the girl child.

I have started to wonder if we, as a society, really want the girl child. If marriage (and kids) seems to be the destiny for her, then why get her educated and why give her freedom in the first place? If the M word is the first thing that comes to a couple's mind when they get to know they have a girl child, I feel it is better to nip the 'problem' in the bud.
There is an advantage to not let the girl child come into the world, which may not be obvious immediately. Less girl children implies less kids and our population problem will be solved. We could just wrap up all the programs to save the girl child and divert all the money into making female infanticide official. My only worry is, the future ending up as depicted in the movie Matrubhoomi: A nation without women.
And then there is the so called progressive male who seems to have a tough time catching up, as this article (in Kannada) brings out crisply. Similar thoughts were echoed during a discussion with a high achieving woman from Bangalore.

I do not want to generalize or sound like a feminist, but I have to admit that I have come across very few progressive men (and progressive people, in general).
I wish the tribe increases.


Vyankatesh said...

I trust you are not serious.

Catch my thoughts on this topic - Save The Girl Child

Lavanya K said...

I wrote my piece in anger and frustration :(

Thanks for your concern, Vyankatesh. Your post is quite informative, but it will take generations to change the mindsets of people.

Chetz said...

Not knowing the sex of the baby in my wife's womb, We secretly pray & hope its a GIRL!!!

What if its against both sets of grand parents... after all its our baby.

There are people like us still around trying hard to better the sex ratio :)

Cheer up - for times that are changing and confident it will change for the good!!!!

Lavanya K said...

:) Nice to know, Chetan. I am sure you will make great parents for the baby; hopefully, it will be a girl!

Chetz said...

Thanks for your wishes. Fingers crossed with loads of excitement and will keep you posted.