Saturday, 22 June 2013

ಯಾವ main, ಯಾವ cross?

Today, I was in Sadashivanagar for a workshop at ZED office. Sadashivanagar is one of the prettier areas of Bangalore and it looked even more beautiful in the morning. I am at this junction admiring the chilly weather and what do I see? One street says 4th Cross on the North side and the same street says 13th Cross on the South side!
I am looking for the ZED office on 13th Cross and 5th Main and going around in circles. At one place, the same street said 14th cross on one side (on an old board) and 15th cross right opposite (on the new board).
It was time to ask someone. I normally prefer to ask auto drivers as they are forced to know most roads. So, this gentlemen steps out of the auto and tells me to ask joggers as they usually venture to jog on many streets. Even as he said this, he mimicked joggers. It was so cute! I do not know how I would manage without auto drivers!

I asked one jogger, who explained me about Sadashivanagar and RMV extension but that did not help me much. Another gentlemen offered his advice and I finally reached the place. It was less than 50 mts from the junction and I had somehow missed it!

I had plenty of time, so decided to walk the beautiful streets of Sadashivanagar. Though new buildings/apartments are coming up here and there, most of the old world charm is still retained. The footpaths are paved and look neat, but they could have left some open spaces for the earth to breathe and take in some water. However, many houses still have huge gardens or open spaces. I saw one elderly gentleman helping an elderly lady with some garden maintenance and oh boy, were they charming!
Aimless wandering, without any purpose or goal is so relaxing but we are usually in such a hurry all the time to reach our destinations that we miss such beautiful moments. 

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